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Gift Guiders is a social gift registry and virtual boutique. More than just an online wish list, Gift Guiders is a social atmosphere to tell people about yourself, coordinate gift giving with others, share ideas about gifts and your favorite places to find them.
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More Than A Gift Registry


Gift Guiders is more than an online wish list or gift registry. It’s a social atmosphere to connect you with family and friends and take the guess work out of giving. Let your family and friends know what your latest favorites are. What are your favorite styles, colors and designs?

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Create your personal profile and share as much about you as you like. You choose who you share your information with.  Create your wish list and add links and images directly to your list to make it easy for family and friends to find what you like.

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A Hug From Home

IMG_5495_2Summer’s final days begin their grand farewell with the much anticipated arrival of the long Labor Day weekend, marking the end of unstructured days, late nights and lazy mornings. As we anxiously prepare our children for their first days of school or the big send off to college, this is the perfect time to think of ways to help ease their transition from long balmy summer days filled with familiar faces into uncharted territory. Opening a lunch box to find a favorite treat or special note, or receiving Read more